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Fuel Oil

Sparta for fuel oil will be tailor-made to meet the needs of fuel oil traders, giving you easy access to actionable, real-time market intelligence. We provide specific insights and tools that fuel oil market participants need under one platform to trade with conviction and capture opportunities first.

  • Live Curves: Real-time global pricing information - futures, swaps, physical and freight - at your fingertips.
  • Global ARBs: Anticipate global demand trends and trade flows in a dynamic market through live arbitrage calculations, with live margins into pricing centres.
  • Dirty Freight Calculator: Instant access to reliable prompt and forward dirty freight rates for 450+ global routes across vessel classes.

Sparta for Fuel Oil is scheduled for release in 2024. Register your interest and be among the first to receive exclusive updates and early adopter offers as we get closer to the release of Sparta for Fuel Oil. 

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